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                              MOAA-LTC OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS

                                          CHAPTER OFFICERS

President                    CAPT James F. Clark, USNR           (775) 831-1414

1st Vice President         CAPT Dennis R. Haney, USA          (775) 833-3037

2nd Vice President        OPEN        

Secretary                     LtCol Nancy K. Manter                (775) 530-1498                   

Treasurer                     Col Gary Thomsen, USAF Ret       (775) 830-1409    



President Ex-Officio        RADM Jack Calvert, USN Ret        (775) 339-1233

Program Chair               Maj Stan Wolken, USAF               (650) 704-5991

Membership Chair        LtCol Roger Leach, USAF Ret         (775) 287-1121

Wash. D.C. Liaison        LtCol Guy Fortier, USAF Ret           (775) 831-3040

Personal Affairs Chair      Lay Lehr                                  (916) 203-4319

Newsletter Editor           LtCol Nancy Manter, USAF Ret      (775) 530-1498

Member-at-Large      CAPT Loren “Biz” Obley, USN Ret      (775) 831-8694

                Contacts for your Senators & Representatives

The Honorable Dean Heller, U.S. Senate, Washington D.C. 20510, 

Phone: (202) 224-6244

The Honorable Catherine Cortez Masto, U.S. Senate, Wash. D.C. 20510

Phone: (202) 2243542

The Honorable Mark Amodei, U.S. House of Representatives, Wash. D.C. 20515  

Phone: (202) 225-6155

    Anyone who wants to carpool, please contact any member of the board.

On the South Shore, call LtCol Jim Duke (530) 541-6179 or 

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